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Customers say Darren Palmer is knowledgeable, dependable, fast, fair, honest, and thorough. Read customer testimonials for Palms Tree Service & Landscaping patios, tree service and landscaping services.

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Dave Atherton

“I have known Darren Palmer since he moved to the Deer Park area around a year ago. I find him engaging and extremely motivated and knowledgeable when it comes to the plant business. He and I did a small business transaction last year where he provided me with a bit over 500 plants. His work was excellent and I was able to sell those plants in my nursery.

“He also did a clean up job for me at a property I had listed which still had a significant amount of work to be done. He quickly accomplished the required work and really made my listing look great in those areas where I had asked him to help.

“His pricing was very well worth the work done. Some jobs are quoted by the job, others, by the hour. Initially, I was surprised by how much per hour Darren charged. A bit high, I thought. But when he got the job done, I thought, what a great deal!

He worked harder, faster and did a better job than many people who have worked for less. I was absolutely amazed at what he accomplished in the time he worked. I certainly would call on him right at the top of my list.

“Finally, I had him check out a job for another client. He quickly realized the job was beyond his capabilities at that time. (Since then, he has obtained additional equipment, training and knowledge and could do the job.) He had the courage and honesty to tell the person the job was beyond his capabilities and he turned down the work.

“This is a rare trait. At that time, Darren, really needed the income from that job. Most people when faced w/ a financial need and a job beyond their capabilities would still try to figure out how to do it to get the money even though they might risk damaging the customer’s property. Darren had the integrity and honesty to turn down this very important, to him, job.

“So, if you are looking for a hard working guy, who prices his jobs correctly, and has the integrity to lay it out properly for you — even if it means he loses the job — Darren Palmer is your man.”

Dave Atherton
Real Estate Marketplace NW, Inc
Deer Park, Washington

Pastor David Oldfield

Darren Palmer has, on several occasions, worked on my property in various landscaping and arborist capacities. In every case, I have found him to be honest, resourceful, knowledgeable and surprisingly quick. It appears that he really enjoys his work, whether climbing a tree for pruning, digging a hole for a transplant or just digging in the dirt in some landscaping project. He appears to do his best to keep expenses to a minimum, and shows respect for the cleanliness and condition of the property involved. I whole heartedly and highly recommend him for any kind of landscaping or tree maintenance work.”

Joel Jorgensen

“I have known Darren Palmer for close to 20 years. Over the years, Darren has done numerous home projects and landscaping jobs around my home. Home projects included laying tile, insulating the attic, hanging a door, and helping with small repairs.

“Outside Darren has installed landscape borders around the grass, landscape rocks in planting areas, cut and removed three very tall trees, trimmed other trees and shrubs, barked and other landscaping activities.

“Most recently, Darren did the complete installation of large rock steps and sides through an arbor to the back gate. It looks great! Our next big job will be installing large rock slabs for an outdoor covered dining and living patio. Rock is expensive and my wallet is holding me back for a while.

“Regarding cost, Darren worked very close with me on choosing the right materials within reasonable cost, and together with his efficient work style he has saved me money in the long run.

“Darren has become a friend and I strongly recommend him for your landscaping project.”

Rusty & Janet Minnameier

“We have hired Darren Palmer to trim, cut down and clean up many trees on our 5 acre property. We have schedule him to do more.

“When he works for us he is prompt, professional, works fast, and does an excellent and thorough job.”