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I care for your trees like they’re my babies.

(Unless, of course, they’re hazardous, in which case I’m happy to send them to tree heaven for you. And I assure you it will be done with love, and it’s all very humane.)

Trees are one of our most valuable assets and they need continual maintenance to remain healthy and achieve their maximum life span. Anything worthwhile takes time and that investment of decades can be protected with a fraction of the tree’s worth.

Take Aspens, for example: a popular choice because of their unique coin-like leaves that make for a pleasant rustle in a breeze, and because, like other poplars, they grow fast. But their roots are extremely invasive and reek havoc on underground utilities, foundations and lawns so you want to be careful where you plant them.

Listen, I could talk trees and landscaping all day long. But you’re busy. Let’s get rolling on your tree service or landscaping project.